sábado, 14 de maio de 2011

My mini blackboards!

One of the things I bought for my mini school a few months ago was a "mini blackboard". You can easily find one of those in any R$1,99 store. Actually I got two of them in order to use in class when I have two private students studying at the same time. Last Wednesday I made use of those boards and it was a nice activity. I was teaching "feelings", such as: hungry, sad, tired, thirsty, etc. So I told them I'd mime one of those and they were supposed to find out what I was feeling. All they had to do was to write in their "mini blackboards" (dont forget you need chalks,too!) the word related to what I was miming.But they couldn't look at each other's answers and they couldn't change them either, you know, just like certain game shows on tv! Remember that any extra material you bring to class can improve your lesson and get your students even more motivated about what they're learning. Have a beautiful Sunday, colleague!

terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2011


It happens to everybody. Sometimes we just can't think about a game to play with our students in order to have fun and consolidate the content, as well. Don't worry. For those moments all you gotta have is a dice and it's okay. Many variations are possible and you can create your own! Two days ago I created mine and I could review the content through this simple game I made up. As I had two students with me at that moment I got three dice because I played the game, too. The rules are simple. The one who gets the highest number doesn't do anything, the one who gets the lowest, answer a question and the one who gets the second higher number, asks a question. Ready. So if student "A" gets 5, for example, student "B" gets 2 and student "C" gets 3, student "C" has to ask a question to student "B" and student "A" is "free". Notice that if you work with large groups you can have them in small groups playing the game at the same time! Can't wait to play it again! See you, colleague!