sexta-feira, 3 de junho de 2011


Yes!!!! Wigs!!! One of these days I went to those kind of stores in which we find special items for parties and I bought three wigs: a black, a green and a pink one. I thought about using them to improve some simple activities especially with my students who are kids. Last week I had the chance to work with them in class and it was awesome!!! So I prepared some forms with simple information such as name, age, favorite food, sport, etc and asked them to create a character with a different name, age, and so on. So they were supposed to wear those wigs and also some very funny sunglasses I got at the store, too. I also participated and students were really motivated! We started then the "interviews" and it ended up being a great and very different activity! Have a great weekend, colleagues!

2 comentários:

  1. lol.. It probably must have been a very funny class. I have already seen teachers using wigs and other colorful outfits in order to teach clothes.

    I will try to do it with my students when I have the opportunity!


  2. Hi, William! It's really a good idea! Students love having fun in class at the same time they're studying. Thanks for passing by!