quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2016

Missing you all.

After almost four years I'm back again. You might be asking yourself if I'm still teaching, if I still have my mini school...yes, dear colleague! I'm still teaching at my mini school! For no reason, today I entered my old blog and I have to say I got emotional. I read someone's compliment on it which was made two years ago and I felt I should have kept writing,that I shouldn't have stopped posting...I felt like I've missed something, you know. Probably nobody will read this late post, as well as the future ones I intend to write but, anyway, I feel like writing. Simple as that. I hope someone out there hears me. I hope this blog can "come to life" again and we can keep on exchanging ideas and being an inspiration for each other. It's great to be back. Hope to hear from you soon. : )

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