terça-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2011

I can't "live" without my CD player!

In the past, for a few months, I took a private French course. The course was okay, the teacher was a native speaker, but there was no audio during our lessons due to the price of the CD - I remember it was reeeeeallly expensive at that time. Anyway, something was missing. And, in my opinion, something really important was missing. Even though the teacher was a native speaker,as I already said, I felt the necessity of repeating conversations, listening to certain exercises, and so on. We simply didn't have that and I'm pretty sure that my development would have been better (actually, I still can't speak French at all) if I had had the chance to listen and listen and listen...As private teacher I have always used a CD player in class - repetitions, listening exercises, music, etc. Audio is something we cannot forget to work with in class. It doesn't only improve our students' abilities but it also makes the class more dynamic and lively. See you tomorrow, my dear colleague!

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