quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2011

What happens next?

My DVD is broken. I really need to do something about it 'cause using films and music DVDs in class is just a wonderful way to get students learning and having fun at the same time. Now I remember an activity which can be quite interesting. Teacher chooses a part of a movie or a sitcom. It has to be a scene that offers you a way to get your students really involved and make it possible for you to ask them to predict what's gonna happen next. Notice that this simple exercise can turn into a very productive conversation class! You can have your students divided in pairs and set them some time in order to discuss and get to a common conclusion about the rest of the scene. Afterwards, a good idea is to have all of them exchanging their ideas and even questioning each other's point of view. For a private teacher I'm pretty sure it could be interesting, as well. I want a new DVD! Have a sweet holiday, colleague!
PS: This exercise can also be done with a simple picture. The only disadvantage (or not) in this case is that nobody knows what's really going to happen so it's all about students' imagination and creativity!

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