sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2012

Ask me questions!

One thing I've been noticing in my classes is that most students have difficulties in making questions, I mean, more than answering them. They usually find it difficult to organize the structure of those questions, either by forgetting to use the auxiliary verb, or placing it in the wrong place in the sentence. I always try to emphasize questions in my lessons because we often ask students to "answer" and not to "ask". Yesterday I used one my magazines (Speak Up) in order to practice the structure of questions in different verb tenses. So right before class, I picked an interesting article from it, played the CD (yes, we can use Speak Up CDs in class!) and then it was the time for my student to look at the article and prepare five simple questions about it to ask me, and I would do the same. This way, not only we can check on their understanding but also the students themselves are able to see clearly whether they still have doubts on asking questions in English. Next time you teach consider letting your student(s) asking you questions, not only answering them. I wish you a wonderful weekend, colleague!

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