quinta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2012

A really special homework!

I know this word "homework" can sound kinda "boring" for most of our students but there are many ways of making it lighter for them to have something to do at home. Today I thought about one of Adele's song which is being played a lot on the radio and is the new hit of one of our soap operas. The song is "Someone like you" and I'm pretty sure you know it. Most of our students, too and I think they would be really happy to know what that song is about. As one of my adult students is already back to classes I thought about giving him this homework: we're going to listen to the mentioned song and then I'm going to ask him some questions about it (the topic of the song, the feelings of the woman, etc). As homework, he'll have to write in a form of a composition and end for that sad story and bring it to me the following class. Nice way of assigning a homework and getting a smile back. See you soon, colleague!

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  1. Bianca, I want to congratulate you! Your blog is awesome! I do enjoy it!

  2. Thanks, Vanessa!!! You're always welcome!!!!