sábado, 13 de fevereiro de 2016

Hello, hello!

Hi,colleague! Yes! I'm against phone in the classroom. I confess I do agree with those teachers who think students get distracted by their cell phones and it ends up making it more difficult for them to produce in class. So I was searching the Net about ways to solve this problem: how can I "get rid of" (or at least try to) my students' mobiles. I got surprised by some ideas which were given and among them, I picked mine. I have to say some of the suggestions seemed too radical for me,for example, a teacher who said he would answer the student's phone in front of the class in case it rang...or the one who said he would ask the student to read the content of the message out loud. There was also one who suggested a fine if the phone rang during the lesson. Well, in case you're curious about the one I chose, there you go: A box to collect the phones. Simple as that. Anyway, colleague, something important to keep in mind is that we need to make it clear for them that we do not approve cell phones in class. Let's see how my teens will react to that. Have a nice weekend!

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