quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2016

" I know what you did last summer!"

Hello! Yesterday I was looking for an activity which I could apply to my students on our first day of classes. I was amazed by how many options and ideas we can find on the Net! Not only regular sites but also interesting videos about it. I thought about an activity that I could use with my teen students and then I kinda mixed two activities I had found on the Net and created a new one: "I know what you did last summer! Everybody remembers this film (not one of my favorites though) but teens usually like horror movies and they'll probably remember it. Well, I told them it was acually a game and they were supposed to write three sentences related to something they did last summer but they shouldn't tell or show anybody. I took part of the game as well and it was pretty funny. The objective of the game is to find out the three activities written by the other student. SO as we were in a trio, I asked one student and he asked the other one and finally this one asked me simple questions like if I had been to the beach, for example. The first one to guess all the activities wins the game! Great way for warming up and talk about what we did last summer. Awesome for practicing Past Tense! Have a great start!

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