quarta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2011

An imaginary party!

This is a great and funny idea to have your students talking and practicing the language even more! I made use of this activity today with an intermediate teen student who has some difficulties and the result was pretty good. I told him we would pretend we were at a party and we had to start a conversation. We could use different names, nationalities, etc. It was pretty funny and I could check on my student's development in Speaking. I imagine that this idea can work even better with big groups so that there are a larger number of "people at the party" and the teacher can also implement the task making use of music and some other stuff. Have a great party, dear collegue!

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  1. Viviiiiiiiii!!! I own you an email! How are things going with your group?? I thought about some activities for you to use but I've been really busy and I almost never check on my email, that's why I've been taking so long to write you back!