segunda-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2011

Set a time limit!

This afternoon I got to the conclusion that a simple way to turn an easy activity more challenging is setting a time limit! Students tend to like the challenge of having to accomplish a certain "mission" in very little time. Today one of my beginner students was reviewing numbers from 0-10 and of course he already knew the content, but once we had time and he's a teenager I decided to use an extra activity I've prepared which is a simple match up on numbers. My student would have to match them with their corresponding writing. It seemed obvious to me that the exercise could be really boring if I used it with no adaptations at all. Instead, I decided to get my "hourglass", placed it on the desk and asked him if he could match all those numbers in a certain little time. Ready! A boring activity at first became an exciting game!

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