sábado, 31 de julho de 2010

Breif reviews are great!

I always start a class correcting homework and then I apply my students a brief review about the content they studied during the previous lesson. Correcting homework exercises is already a kind of a review because most of the time they refer to what has been studied. I really think it’s important to “refresh” our students’ memories and also give them a second chance to check up on what they've studied so that they can say whether they understood or not the lesson . This brief review can be done in several ways, such as:
a) A fast written exercise – teacher chooses the most important topics of the previous lesson and prepare a few written questions about them;
b) A dictation – especially great to review vocabulary. The instructor can even show pictures and students are supposed to write what they see (Picture Dictation);
c) Oral questions – Teacher asks questions related to the content, like: “What’s your favorite season?” or “What’s the weather like today”, etc.;
d) Using the board – the instructor simply uses the board to review the previous class. Notice that the grammar points or structures which have been taught can even be elicited from the students. That can make the brief review even more dynamic why not ask them to tell you what they learned during their last class?;
e) A game – there are a variety of games which can be used for everything we need! Hot potato, hangman, tic-tac-toe, are only some examples of them!

Those fast reviews are a nice way to have students ready to start a new lesson, and they work really well as a warm up! Remember that new information can easily be forgotten by our students (everything is new for them!) and feeling confident about what they’re learning is directly linked to their motivation. I wish you a beautiful Saturday, colleague!

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