segunda-feira, 26 de julho de 2010

Warm up ideas for the first class after winter vacations!

Getting started is always a different moment. Either students are really excited to start everything again or they are really bored because their vacation is over. So here there are three suggestions I got from (“Warm up activities for English class” by Erin Schreiner) for the first day. Check them out:

a) Journal: Give each student a piece of paper and they should write what’s occurring in their life at that time.
b) Mysterious Object descriptions: Bring a different object to class like, as suggested by the author, plumbing fixtures or an antique machine and have students try to guess what it is and its purpose. I myself would like to try this activity but I thought about another unusual object which could be easier for us to find. Maybe something different used for cooking, for example.
c) Picture Description: Teacher should find a very interesting picture and students have to describe the events shown in the image. I really liked the idea she gave of selecting award-winning journalistic photos for this activity. I've never searched on those kinds of pictures but I'm pretty sure they can be interesting for us in many ways. I'll definitely take a look at them!

See you tomorrow, my dear colleague!

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