segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010

Motivation is everything!

How can we motivate our students to learn English? I searched on the Net about the subject and I found some nice stuff. Much of the “theory” we already know, so I thought it would be really useful if I found some very practical ideas about motivation. Concretely speaking, what can we do? So I took a look at and there was this article “Ways of motivating EFL/ESL students in the classroom.” The author gives us some very nice and clear suggestions about the subject. Summarizing:
a) The use of pair work and group work appropriately: According to the author, “language is best learned through the close collaboration and communication among students.”;
b) The seating of students: The way students are seated in the classroom will often determine the dynamics of the lesson. A simple change in the seating pattern can make the difference!
c) Maximize eye contact: If we don’t do it, attention is likely to drop. Further more, showing interest in what our students are saying is really important;
d) Think in advance how you will organize changing partners or changing groups: Students get bored when they have to wait too long for the instructor to decide;
e) The error correction: The author considers that “if we stop at every single error this will lead to a gap of communication and students will be too much afraid of making mistakes.” I totally agree with him! So, we should be aware of when to correct a mistake and also how to do it;
f) Role plays: acording to the article, “it helps the less motivated students to take part in the lesson”;
g) Using realia, flash cards, stories and songs in teaching: the author even gives a wonderful suggestion when using a song. Students should draw a picture of their feelings while listening to the music. Great idea, isn’t it?
h) Using audio visual material (CD player, video, computer...).

Have wonderful classes today, colleague!

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  1. Great, dear friend! This one about "drawing while listening to a song" is awesome! You bet I'll try it! Hugs!!!