sábado, 24 de julho de 2010

Comparing jobs!

Last Thursday I had to practice Comparisons with one of my students. We were working on some structures such as "Being a doctor is more interesting than being a dentist" or "A waiter isn't as well paid as a chef". Then I remembered I had prepared an activity from a game about occupations and I could make use of the words I had. So I placed the names of the jobs (doctor, secretary, janitor, dentist, etc) on the desk facing down. My student and I were supposed to get one of those and compare the jobs we had as much as we could using the new structures. All you need is to print or even write some job names and have a great consolidating exercise. Have a wonderful weekend, colleague!

2 comentários:

  1. Great idea. I've done an exercise like that last year. But your example was pretty easy.

  2. Hi, Julee! It's great to have you here!!