quinta-feira, 15 de julho de 2010

"Yesterday something different happened...."

So a long time ago there was this TV show in which the guests were supposed to create a story and include some strange objects the host would show them at the same time. I remember it was very funny because the stories were the craziest! And it couldn't be any different once the objects were shown by the time they were speaking so they didn't have any time to make it logical. Then I thought about bringing it to class. I got some of the objects I have at my mini school like the flute I got once at a R$1,99 store (remember?) and also some plastic objects I have to teach such as animals and fruits. Then, at the end of the class I wrote the following sentence on the board: "Yesterday something different happenned..." and I asked my student to continue the story, but she would have to include all the objects I would show her by the time. Activity approved!

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