quarta-feira, 28 de julho de 2010

Watch "Friends" and talk about fashion!

Next time you find a lesson in which the theme "fashion" comes up, think about implementing your class with a video. I'm a big fan of the sitcom "Friends", as you already know, and they have a wonderful episode about the subject. You can select three scenes from the episode about "Joey's purse" and have a great time with your students before discussing fashion with them. Last week I had to talk about fashion styles and clothes with one of my students and the activity went on really well. After watching the selected scenes my student asnwered some simples questions which I had written on the board,something like: Would you wear a purse?, What do you think about the way Joey's friends reacted when they saw him?, and so on. The coolest thing is that this is a different way of introducing the topic of a unit! Have fun!

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