segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2010

Celebrate a holiday with a song!

I've already written here that I like to teach my students a little about American holidays. That's why I try to decorate my minischool's mural with things related to them. Once the next holiday is gonna be Valentine's which is celebrated on February 14, I've chosen a romantic song and this week I'm gonna give my students at the end of the class. I've got the DVD as well, and I also prepared an activity related to the song for them to do before watching and listening to it. The activity is simple: I typed the song but I put in a box certain words which they're supposed to use in order to fill the lyrics out BEFORE listening to it. You can also change the task and ask them to fill them out WHILE listening to the CD/DVD. This way my students are going to be able to memorize the holiday and especially what it is about doing something they really like. Cool!

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