quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2010

Match up! (Practicing Passive Voice, etc.)

A "match up" is always a good idea when we think about consolidating a grammar content which we've been working on. I taught Passive Voice to one of my private students two days ago and tomorrow I'd like to make a brief review before starting our class. So a "match up" came to my mind! It was late at night but let me tell you...it didn't take more than 15 minutes to prepare everything! I typed some sentences like "Monalisa...was painted my Leonardo da Vinci", or "Beautiful Stranger...was sung by Madonna", printed and then cut them in pieces so that the student is supposed to find the other part of the sentence. After I learned how to "deal" with "contact paper" (I have to confess I checked this word out in an online dictionary. I'm really not sure if that's the correct word for that) I got to the conclusion that it does wonders! Notice that you can practice lots of things using a simple "match up". Besides, it doesn't take much time from your class, the students like it because it's not a "common" exercise (I mean, from the book which is sometimes boring)and you get to great results!!

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  1. Hello Bianca!
    I did love your blog! Specially the content here!I'm an english teacher as well and these "tips" do help us make our classes more exciting and motivate students to learn!
    I have a question regarding this extra activity. Will these pieces of papers be on the floor? So the students will then look for the correct "answers"?
    Thanks and keep up the god job! ;)

  2. Hi Carlinha!! It's really nice having you here!! Concerning your question, I tottaly agree that placing the papers on the floor would be really fun for them! If you have big groups you'll need more than one copy of those sentences so that you can divide them in pairs in order to play the match up! What do you think? Welcome and good luck!!