sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2010

Piece of cake!

It's very common to find an intermediate or even an advanced student who doesn't remember how to read numbers in English. I've got two students who feel a little insecure when they find in the middle of a text numbers which they're supposed to read. I needed to prepare an exercise (a VERY simple one, by the way) that wouldn't take too much time of my class and also worked well as a review so that my students could feel more confident when facing numbers.So I typed and printed lots of numbers like 156,2010, 357,289, 1915, 1500, for them to read out loud in the last 5 minutes of our class. As it is an extremely simple task, I could never imagine my students would even enjoy doing it, but they did! It was even kind of funny because by the end of the activity they were struggling not to make mistakes and having fun with that! If you teach big groups it would be even interesting to promote a "reading numbers competition". You and your class could set a date for that event with special prizes and so on. I'm sure that would be great and your students could have a great opportunity to review the content and have fun at the same time! One thousand hugs! See you tomorrow!

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