domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2010

Fast Tip 2: Call your students by their names

Once I took a course which was called "Dale Carnegie". It was nothing about English specifically but about how to develop our abilities to speak in public, make friends, etc. They taught us maaaaaany things and the course was really interesting. But there was something in particular that the teacher said which I always remember when I'm with my was something like this: "Our names are the most precious thing we have". And I could "live" that in my classes. I know that depending on the case we've got so many students that it's impossible to remember everybody's name, and I myself had moments when I looked at a student and I wanted to remember his/her name but I just couldn't! So I'd say: "You..." I felt terrible! Things happen completely different when we call students by their names 'cause this was they can feel they are important to us as we know they are. See ya!

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