terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2010

Presenting Personality Traits

Last week I taught one of my private students "personality traits", and before I started our class yesterday I gave her a brief review of the content we've seen. I always like to start my lessons with a review of what I taught the class before so that the student can "refresh" his/her mind and we're ready to focus on the following lesson. Well, as a picture "lover" I searched for some different people in an old magazine and I also typed the personality traits I'd like to review with my student. In class I placed all the pictures on the desk and my student was supposed to choose a person for each personality trait we've studied. Afterwards she had to explain me why she had chosen a certain person for a specific trait. That's the funniest part because the student has to create an explanation for that..."Ah, I think this girl looks serious so she might be strict...", or "This boy is disorganized because he is a teenager and teens are ususally messy...". The result was great! We saw the content again in a different way and my student was ready to learn something new! Fantastic!

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