sábado, 6 de fevereiro de 2010

Setting the scene with a little bit of me

When I start a new unit with my students I always like to set the scene. But what does it mean practically speaking? Setting the scene according to what I live in my lessons is to give the next unit an introduction. It means to show something related to the topic of the next unit so that the student can think about what is going to be worked in class, the issues we're going to talk about and the most important: feel interested in what we're going to see. Yesterday I used a part of a movie which I've already mentioned here ("The Devil wears Prada")after eliciting from my student some advantages and disadvantages of being famous. The topic of our next unit is gonna be "Who needs fame?". So my pupil already knows what the topic of the new unit is about and I'm pretty sure he already has ideas and opinions about it. Today (yes, I teach on Saturdays!)I'm going to do something different.The lesson I have to present brings the theme "When I was 18 I used to think I'd do this and that, but that's what I really do now that I'm 28..." something like that. Well, in order to set the scene I'm going to show my student some pictures of me when I was nineteen and I'm also gonna tell her about what I thought I'd be doing in the future and finally compare with my life today. After that she'll be ready to talk about her experience. Bringing a little of our lives (I'm talking about us, teachers) to class is something very interesting for the students because they're usually very curious about us and we can make a good use of it! You should try once! Have a great class!

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