domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010

Fast tip 1: Stand up!

Do you usually teach sitting or standing? Well, when I was teaching big groups I didn't use the chair much. Really. I was standing 99,5% of my class. And I used to do that because I could feel that this way my students were paying much more attention and the lesson had a live and dynamic environment. In the past teachers used to teach sitting and I myself had some great teachers who used to be like that all the time. I could see that some of my classmates were sleepy, others were "flying away", and I was thinking about how boring that class was. Now that I'm giving private lessons it's a bit different. I don't stand as much as I used to, but I do stand up in certain moments in order not to leave my class "die". You'll be amazed when you realize how a student's behavior is influenced by our mood and position in class!! See you tomorrow!

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  1. I can't stand up too much because I have a lot of students!!!
    Thanks for your suggestions!
    Have a nice week!

    See you!

  2. Hi, Vivi! It's great to see you here again! I wish you a wonderful week, too!!

  3. Hi Bianca!
    I totally agree with your suggestion! I stay standing most of the time as wella and I believe it helps students concentrate more on what you (teacher) do/ speak.. Another interesting suggestion is to control the volume of your voice while you are speaking with your students. Make sure you speak in a good tone! My family is from Italy so we tend to speak louder and with our hands.. lol.
    Students are so influenced with their teachers mood!

  4. Ops.. by their teachers mood! ;)
    Last but not least..I would love to read more of your ideas, warm ups, tips and so on.. It's a good opportunity to share our ideas! What do you think?

  5. Hi Carlinha!!! For sure!!! We gotta share our ideas so that we'll always have something new to use in our classes and make them even more dynamic! I tottaly agree with you about the voice thing. Teachers cannot speak too low otherwise students don't pay the attention they should during class. By the way, that's one of the next "fast tips"!
    Great to see you here!!

  6. Hi,Bianca!
    I guess it´s good to interact with them most of the time but sometimes they have to do some exercises by their own, so I use different "setting" in my classroom depending on the goal of the exercise. For exemple, U-shape (standing), closed circle (good for debates, I sit among them), closed circle without the teacher (I just observe), student ´s presentation ( student at the board) and so on...

  7. Hi Tatiana!!! Yes! For sure there are some moments in class that we have to adopt different positions. Like the example you gave, when a debate is going on. But the point is that some teachers remain sitting most of the time, or when presenting the content, for example. Thanks for commenting!!! You're always welcome here!

  8. I think I wrote in a wrong way my 1st comment, lol. I meant I can't sit down so much, but I would like to. Because I have a lot of students and I work in a private school. Anyway, nice blog Bianca!


  9. Thank you, Vivi!! I really like reading your comments!! You're always welcome!!