quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2010

Ideas to practice Present Continuos!

I remember when an old friend that used to teach at the same English course I used to told me what she had done to practice the Present Continuos with her group. She used to teach children at that time so she invited them for a walk (of course she had already talked to the parents about it) and they stopped to have an ice cream nearby. It was not a big group so she could sit with them and look around. She asked them to tell her what people were doING at that moment. Great idea, isn't it? Well, I myself have never tried such a thing but I confess I'd love to! If you have the chance, I think it's a wonderful way to consolidate the content. Another idea is to use pictures. Ah!Pictures again! But what can I do if they work so well in class? Showing the students pictures of people doING something like watching TV, reading a book, eating a sandwich...students can practice afirmative, negative and interrogative forms through them. But if you're looking for a really simple way to practice the Continuos form why not mention the mime? Easy and practical but also very helpful when we want to teach our group/private student Present Continuos. Ask the student(s) to mime an action and the others have to guess using the structure: "You're dancing." or make them ask yes/no questions like: "Are you sleeping?" and so on. It can turn into a very exciting competition if you choose the actions which they have to act to their teams in order to make them guess what they're doing. Well, I guess that's all for today! Have a wonderful class!

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