terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2010

Breaking the Ice - First day Class

Yes! This is a toilet paper! I learned this activity when I was in the States. We were on a trip to Montreal by bus and the tour guide came with this idea. That's a good option for the first day class, but it cannot be used with beginners unless it's in Portuguese. All you need is a toilet paper. Students become very curious when they see the teacher coming to class with that. Well, you should just ask each student to detach as many "squares" as he/she wants from the toilet paper. They don't understand anything at first and you should not say anything. After that, tell them that now they have to count how many "squares" they have and say one thing about them (in English, of course!) for each "square" they have.For example: a student got 4 "squares" so this student must say 4 things about him/her like "My name is Sarah", "I'm a student", "I'm from Brazil", "I like chocolate". It's funny because the ones who detached many squares at this point feel they're in trouble 'cause they're going to have a lot of work to do. Really nice activity for breaking the ice!

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