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Students CAN have fun with listening exercises!

Sometimes listening exercises become boring because they are almost all the same. The teacher plays the CD and the students are supposed to listen to it and follow in their books or not, depending on the method. The thing is that we, teachers, can use some different activities in order to make the listening part of the class even more challenging and interesting for them. Here are three ways to let your students have some fun while they're practicing their listening:

1) Just before class you can put some statements on the board related to the conversation they're about to hear. But only some of these statements should be true. Students are supposed to keep their books closed and look at the board while the CD is playing. They have to check which statements are true and which ones are false (notice that they don't need to copy anything from the board);
2) A fill in the blanks exercise can also be done. In advance, type the conversation which the students are supposed to listen to and ask them to fill it out while you're playing the CD. You can ask them to do it in pairs so the task can be even funnier for them. Notice that a simple activity as this one can become an exciting game!! Give a reward to the students (as a pair) who understand more words listening to the conversation only once, for example!
3) Type the conversation in advance and cut it all in pieces. Students have to listen to the CD and at the same time put the conversation in order. You can ask them to work in pairs! Let them free to sit on the floor if they want to ( remember students love anything different).

...let's listen, repeat and have fun!

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