sábado, 16 de janeiro de 2010

Let's make the difference!

Today I used the TV set I bought a couple of weeks ago for the first time!! I confess I was anxious to start using videos in my private classes so that they can be more interesting and different! So the book unit was about fame. Famous people. Celebrities. Then I remembered a movie called "The Devil wears Prada" which clearly shows the advantages and disadvantages of being famous. But the point is I couldn't spend two classes showing the movie, and at the same time I really wanted to use it to illustrate my lesson...so I decided to choose among the scenes the one that could illustrate better my lesson. I chose two. Tracks 26 and 31. Before I showed the movie, I put on the desk some pictures of famous people and I asked my student if she knew them and what they had in commom. After that, I put the DVD with the audio and the subtitles in English and after each scene we were talking about it. It took us only a few minutes but the "element of surprise" (the film) really made the difference!

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