quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2010

Iupiiiiii, Bingo!

All my students were really excited when I used to come into class telling them we would have a Bingo.I miss working with big groups when I remember those classes with that game! Now that I give private lessons it became impossible...Anyway, a Bingo is a game that gives you the chance to practice many grammar points. I'll give you some examples: Simple past or the past participle of irregular verbs, adjectives, numbers,etc.What you have to do is simple: using the computer you can make a proper paper for them to fill out with the words you're working on, prepare in advance in pieces of paper the same words so that you can call them out for them to mark. You can put those pieces of paper in a box or even a sack. To make the game more interesting,suppose you're practicing the simple past of irregular verbs, you may call out the verbs in their base form and the students should mark the corresponding past simple form. This way, they would have to think and not only listen to you. Now a top secret: let's say you didn't have time to prepare anything in advance...no problem! Elicit from them the words you want to be practiced and put all of them on the board. They can make 9 (or 6) squares in a piece of paper (or even in their copybooks!) then you ask your students to copy 9 (or 6) words from the board. After that, you start calling those words out. Simple as that!!! Remember to tell your students that they cannot say the words they have (if they do that you simply won't call them out!) and never forget to give a reward for the winner! Have fun!

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