quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

Music in class is great!

As almost all teachers I love working with music in class.But the point is...HOW? Some teachers use certain songs to teach a grammar topic and I think it's amazing! But to be honest I've never found the perfect song for the grammar content I had to teach, and I confess I've never had enough time to spend hours and hours searching for a song that would fit my lesson.But of course I'd love to teach grammar using a song! The last time I used music in class was two ot three weeks ago. It was an Elvis Presley's song because my student is a big fan of him and also because people were talking about Elvis's birthday (if he were alive)...it was in January. Well, I never give my sudents a song without asking them to do something about it. Just listening to the song and following it is not enough in my opinion. So here are some examples of what you can do when giving your students a song: Most of the times, I use a "fill in the blanks" exercise. I type the lyrics and they're supposed to listen to the song and try to fill them out. I always tell them that it's impossible to understand everything at first so they don't feel demotivated during the task. Some other times, I type the lyrics but I put two options for a certain word so they have to listen to the music and circle the words they hear. And another very nice option is to type the lyrics, cut it all in pieces and ask them to put the song in order as they listen to it. All these activities can be done individually, in pairs or even in groups. Have a nice class!

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