quarta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2010

Teaching Countries/Nationalities

I'm a big fan of working with pictures! So when I have the chance I use them in my classes and I always get good results. When teaching Countries and Nationalities, for example, it's very nice to use pictures because students have the opportunity to practice a lot the vocabulary and the grammar structure. So I prepare the "flashcards" myself. These ones I prepared a long time ago and I didn't even use a computer for that. You need some magazines,a colored pen, paper, scissors and glue. Find pictures of different people and label each picture with the "name" of the person and his/her Country. If you put real names and nationalities it's okay,too. But in my case, I didn't know their real names or the countries they were from, so I just guessed. With those pictures I ask the student to say, for example, "Her name is Jane. She's from England. She's English." After practicing that I start asking: "Is she Italian?" and the student this time should say "No, she isn't." and then I ask "Where is she from?" and the student gives me the answer "She's English". So...next time you teach this content, how about bringing some imaginary foreigners to class?

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