quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2010

"Friends" forever!!

In my opinion "Friends" is the best sitcom ever! And you can use their DVD in your classes!! Yesterday, for example, I had to present a lesson and its topic was "I don't like working on weekends!". So I started talking to my student about working, job skills and job interviews. I wanted to to get to that point, because the episode from Friends that I had chosen showed Rachel (one of the characters) going to a job interview. Using the DVD I could illustrate the topic of the unit and at the same time I gave my student a chance to watch a part of a funny sitcom with the audio and the subtitles in English! Of course she couldn't understand every little thing, but she could understand something and that's what is important! She could feel she's able to get the idea of an American show even though she doesn't understand everything they say. I know that at home it's pretty hard for them to watch a TV program in English (especially beginners/intermediate students) 'cause they feel the difficulty and usually give up. So here is my tip: when you prepare your class, pay attention to see if there's a good American show related to the topic you're going to present that could implement your class! I'm sure your students are gonna have a great time learning!

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  1. Hey Bianca!

    How are you doing?
    Could you tell me in wich DVD/season is the episode you used?
    I tried to find here but I couldn't and I'll be teaching a very similar topic this weekend.

    Thanks. =)

  2. Hi, Pollyana!!I'm really sorry!!! Only today I saw your comment!!! Sorry!! I couldn't help you! But anyway, I'll check the information you needed and post it here tomorrow!!!