terça-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2010

"The good and old Hot Potato"!

Ahhh!! The good and old Hot Potato game!! I was playing it a lot with my groups and it used to work pretty well! Notice that you can practice lots of things with this activity: Simple Past of irregular verbs, Past Participle, or you can even use it as a warm up in your first day class with some personal questions like "What's your favorite color?", etc. I loved to play this game when I had a reading exercise to do with "thousand" comprehension questions for the students. Reading tasks are usually tiring and imagine answering lots of questions afterwards! So, I used to write all the questions in pieces of paper and pout all of them inside a bag. Then I asked my students to sit in a circle, played a CD with very happy songs and they should pass that bag around until I stopped the song. The one who had the bag by then had to answer the question about the text they had just read. If the answer was correct I would give him/her a reward and the game continued! It was always funny!!Students used to love it, and a lesson that had everything to be boring ended up being the best part of the class!! Try it and you'll see!

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