terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2010

My name is Ben Yellow. (Teaching/Reviewing "What's your name, "My name is...")

A few weeks ago I had to teach my 6 year old student Manu how to say "What's your name?" and the corresponding answer "My name is..." She'd already learned it at school and I actually just needed to review the structures. So I prepared some flashcards with pictures of dolls (girls and boys) and I gave them full names. During the class I told her that we would not be "teacher Bianca" and "Manu" anymore. We would be those dolls. She chose some of them and I did, too. And then we were ready to practice the structures many times but this time using our "fake" names. WITH TEENS AND ADULTS, a very nice way to teach or review that content is to prepare in advance names of famous people and put them on the students' back. Tell the students that now they are those people whose names they have on them. But they should not know their names! The funny thing is that they are supposed to walk around the class asking Yes/No questions to the others in order to find out who they are! With this activity you may also practice or review the questions: "Am I an actor?", "Am I a man?", "Am I Brazilian?" and so on. Good luck!

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