domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2010

I simply adore!!

There is something we always have to keep in mind: when we give a reward to a student we also transmit motivation which is the key for a successful learning process. As I'm giving private lessons I cannot give them certificates by the end of the semester or the book, but nothing can keep me from rewarding them with some veeeeeeery cute "certificates" from Internet. Just don't forget to tell your students that those certificates don't have any value outside but they DO have a big value for you both 'cause they show the teacher's happiness with the student's improvement. People, you just can't imagine how glad my students get when they receive one of those "certificates". One of my students even asked me to leave his on the mural for the others to see and take it home in the following week! And so he did! The best part: you can print them easily and free of charge!

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