segunda-feira, 7 de junho de 2010

An Art Gallery!

After we present DESCRIPTIONS to our students, a good way of consolidating the content is giving them the chance to use the vocabulary learned in a different and fun way! I’ve never done this activity but I’m seriously thinking about it with two of my students who study together. Teacher should bring to class pictures of people based in the vocabulary which was taught. Paper and colored pens are also needed. In pairs, students should sit in a way so that they cannot see the picture their partner has. One of the students is supposed to describe the person he/she has in hands and the other one has to draw it! Just like this: “She has straight black hair, blue eyes, a big mouth, etc..” At the end of the activity they compare their drawning with the real pictures.Besides, it’s a good idea to hang up everybody’s work somewhere for the others to see. An art gallery! Have fun!

3 comentários:

  1. Great idea!! I loved it and surely I'll use it!


  2. Hi Angela!! It's great having you here!!!

  3. Nice idea, but I think it can be a little dificult to draw real people, so once I've tried with cartoon characters and clowns....