sexta-feira, 25 de junho de 2010


I remember I taught at this English course a long time ago and we, teachers, had to ask our Advanced students to make a presentation about any subject they’d like to. The thing is that they had to speak in front of the class (which usually scared them a lot!) and make a huge presentation, using as many tools they could, like: pictures, videos, etc. If you work with big groups it could be a good idea for you to use and I really think this could work with my private students as well, but of course I’d make some changes. There wouldn’t be this “in front of class thing” (maybe only with teens ‘cause it would be something different for them) and I wouldn’t ask for so many extra stuff related to the subject. So a good study of the matter and a nice presentation would be enough! Mmm...something else to think seriously about! See you, colleague!

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