sexta-feira, 18 de junho de 2010


The last English course I worked in used to work a lot with projects. But what does it mean? I explain. After a certain unit students were supposed to work on a theme related to what they had studied using cardboards, colored pens, scissors, magazines, etc. As a private English teacher I’ve never done that, either. But I really think it could be nice, especially with children and teenagers. I’m seriously thinking about including something like this for next week. I remember that at the course it took a long time because the groups were large but with two students, for example, I guess this activity wouldn’t take too much time and it could work not only as a consolidating exercise but also as a relaxing wrap up! Have a wonderful weekend, colleague!

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  1. Excellent idea Bianca!!!Thanks for sharing.
    By the way, about this squeeze, I thought about starting a campaign with my students against the plastic glasses that take too long to decompose so I decided to buy squeezes for them and they are supposed to bring them every class, so they avoid using the glasses and contribute with the environment.And as I put the name and telephone number of my mini-school, it´s also a marketing.kisses!

  2. As usual I posted in the wrong place, kkkkk!

  3. Great, Tati!!!! Awesome idea!!!!