quarta-feira, 9 de junho de 2010

Use American magazines in class and have a nice reading lesson!

As I leave in a small town I don’t have access to good American magazines (only Speak Up or Actual English), so when I go to Rio I don’t miss the chance of buying one of those. Some time ago I bought a Vogue and this time I got People magazine. Everybody tends to read about what we’re INTERESTED IN and sometimes a text from a book doesn’t seem sooooo interesting. That’s why using a popular American magazines can work as a good reading activity. The instructor should separate the best articles from it and take copies. Once you have time during class, you may give a copy to your student(s) and practice reading in a fun way. Questions related to the article or even some grammar exercises may also be prepared beforehand. Remember? Reading doesn’t really have to be boring. See you tomorrow, colleague!

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