terça-feira, 15 de junho de 2010

www.eslsite.com (simply great!)

I've found another great site for us, teachers! Esl.com is a kind of a resource center full of interesting things to improve our classes even more! Attention to the following activities:
a) The alphabet chase - different from most alphabet activities, in this one students are supposed to say, in order, a word that starts with a certain letter of the alphabet. For example: the first student in a circle says "apple", the second says "ball", the third says "cat", and so on. (I'm gonna try to do this with my private students, eahc of us says in order a word!!)
b) Back to back dictation - the site brings two paragraphs which should be given to a pair of students. The paragraphs have got a few blanks that students have to fill out by the time they're dictating to their partners!
c) Back to back correction - they give us two paragraphs once again, but one of them is full of mistakes.Student A reads the wrong one and Student B has to correct its mistakes!
d) Jump to the right, jump to the left - students have to jump depending on whether they think a sentence is grammatically correct or not. The site brings some examples of sentences, for example, "they must to go". Then the tacher should read it out loud and the students should then jump to the left bacause the sentence is wrong.


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