quinta-feira, 10 de junho de 2010

Consolidating Imperative listening to Des'ree!

OK. I have to agree that some of the songs I’ve been using in class are kind of old, but the point is I only “invest” on DVDs when they’re on sale and their price is good exactely because they’re old. I mean, they don’t bring new songs. Anyway, some songs from the past are really nice and depending on the student (teens don’t respond very well to those kind of songs) the result can be great! One of these days I bought a DVD which contained one of Des’ree’s hits: “You gotta be”. I really liked this song so I decided to check on the lyrics. Lots of verbs in the Imperative!! So I prepared an activity in which my students were supposed to identify and underline those verbs before listening to the song. Good option to work on that grammar point! Have a great day!

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  1. Yeah.. I've been there!
    I love old songs too, like music from the 80's... they're great source of examples to use in class and very meaningful lyrics, but most of my students are teens and just listen to techno music and all that crap!

  2. Yes, I agree!! It's great haing you here!!