quinta-feira, 24 de junho de 2010

Independence Day!

Next month we have an important holiday to work with our students: Independence Day. So last night I searched on the Net for some practical (and other cute but not so practical)ideas to use in class! Check them out!

1. www.abcteach.com: There you can find those simple but very nice printable activities such as wordsearches and crosswords puzzles;

2. www.apples4teacher.com/holidays/fourth-of-july
a) For advanced students, they've got the famous speech of Patrick Henry "GIve me liberty or give me death". So you can prepare in advance certain exercises to work on the reading with them. The site also brings some printable patriotic poems or even some short stories so students can even act them out in class!

b)Some recipes of red, white and blue desserts! This is the cute but not so practical idea...

c) A good suggestion is to ask students to search on the Net about the American symbols.The mentioned site has got some ideas about it;

d) Game ideas for celebrating! www.apples4teacher.com has some great ideas of games which can be adapted and used in class. Attention to the "Baloon Pass" in which students have to be in line and pass the balloons using only their legs and hands. They remind us to use red, white and blue baloons! Another game that is nice is "Chalk it up". I'd adapt this last one in a way that the teacher should choose among the students some "judges", then the class should be divided in small teams. Those teams have to draw someting patriotic and the American flag should be included!

e) Just adding and idea I've just had: How about a guessing game? The instructor finds some interesting facts about the holiday and students (in teams) are supposed to guess the correct answer!

Have a great class, colleague!

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  1. My dear Vivi, I hope I've helped somehow! I myself have to start preparing something to work on this holiday with my students. Thanks for always passing by!