quinta-feira, 17 de junho de 2010

How about some drama in class?

I’ve never worked with plays in class but I definitely think it’s a great idea! If I taught large groups, I think I’d make use of it once to see how it would work. Anyway, I found nice sites which brings some ideas about it and one of them can be even used as warm up in a private class with two students. Check it out!

a)A quick drama idea – Write the following dialogue on the board and have students in pairs. Students role play the dialogue. Then, they are the ones who are supposed to create their own one-word dialogues and act them out. (www.eslsite.com)
A: Happy?
B: Happy!
A: Really?
B: Sure!
A: Angry?
B: No!

b)Object Game: teacher calls out the name of an object and all the group has to make the shape of that object out of their own bodies.(Humm, I really think I could use this idea, too! www.esldramagames.com)

Good luck!

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