sexta-feira, 11 de junho de 2010

"Is it art?" (Setting the scene)

This is the title of the next unit which I'm gonna teach one of my private students. I'd like to start talking about the topic in a different way so I decided to make use of something I had prepared some time ago. I got from Google some abstract paintings and selected three of them. So, as the main topic of the unit is "art" I thought about showing my student one of those pictures and ask him to tell me what he can see in it. I mean, certain objects, animals, people...or even try to predict what the artist was thinking about by the time he painted that masterpiece or what's the message he'd like to transmit. This student is an advanced one, so I really think the activity may work not only to set the scene but also as a conversation practice. I'm curious if it's really going to work and I'm gonna tell you as a comment here later on,ok? Have a wonderful weekend, colleague! It's always nice to have you here.

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  1. Hi, colleagues! The activity went on well, bu depending on the student, I mean, if h/she is one of those that doesn't like talking too much it can last only a few minutes. But as a way to set the scene of the unit it was great!
    See you!