quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010

The blue X the red

I confess I just started investing on new teaching material a few months ago. In the past I didn't use to buy many books, English grammar or dictionaries but now I'm crazy about them!So I've got this blue grammar (Understanding and Using English Grammar - Betty Schrampfer) which I got at the English course I attended at that time. My impressions about it are very good. It's complete, brings lots of exercises (but some of them are kind of hard for the students), and the best thing is that it brings some oral exercises which can be used in class as an extra practice!!What is not so good about it is that it doesn't come with an answer key or even with a CD-ROM. Now, eleven years later (wow!),I bought this new grammar book (Essential Grammar in Use - Raymond Murphy). I had already seen an older edition of this book and I knew it was considered a good one,but only now I got the chance to confirm it all. The explanations are simple, it's also complete, it has the answer key for the exercises AND it includes a CD-ROM! Simply great!

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  1. You've got a really good book! I always use Murphy's Grammar with my students. In my opinion it's an ideal book for reinforcement work in the classroom (but I got the blue one - Grammar English in Use, wich is great either).
    I also worked with Schrampfer's book when I attended some Englsh course. I don't use it too much with my students 'cause I think some of them are kind of hard too. But it's suitable for the advanced ones.

    HAve fun with your new book.



  2. Thanks Polly!!! It's great to have you here once again!!!