domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

Fast Tip 7: Prepare your classes!

OK. This may seem a little obvious but... tell me the teacher who never found himself/herself with no time at all to prepare a certain lesson?? I admit that I’ve already taught without having planned my class and let me tell you...I didn’t like it. When a teacher really prepares a class, he/she feels much more confident about the content and also about some unusual words that may appear (I hate not being sure about a difficult word). We also have the chance to use an extra material because we DO know what the unit is about. Not mentioning that a student knows when a lesson has been planned...or not. So next time you sit to prepare your class, I suggest doing that as if you were getting ready for your first class (remember how you got prepared for your very FIRST English class??), paying attention to every detail, taking good care of little things, and thinking about ways to make it the best class ever! Enjoy your Sunday, my dear colleague!

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