sexta-feira, 23 de abril de 2010

How can we make our students LOVE English?

In my opinion, the best thing is when a student likes coming to class. He/she simply enjoys it. Especially when they’re teenagers since most of them are only studying the language because their parents want them to. These days I read some posts about the topic and even though I respect all teacher’s opinions I can’t say I share the same idea. I don’t think that trying to show a teenager the advantages of speaking English works. Teens live today. They cannot see a clear future ahead. So, in my opinion, a teacher must use certain strategies in order to make them like. Less talk, more action. Three ideas for you!
a) Try to use a material that interests your teen student. For example: an attractive book (I mean, with pictures or a colorful one), a song that he/she likes . Once I give private lessons I’m always asking my students what kind of music they like or the name of their favorite band. If you work with large groups a good idea is to have an election of a nice song to work with! You can also use a DVD with a part of a sitcom they enjoy watching!
b) Speak their language (but don’t forget you’re the teacher). Try not to be so formal with teenagers but at the same time they gotta know that you’re their instructor, not their best friend;
c) Vary your activities. If you started today’s class with a fast game, next class start with a different dictation or even a part of a song! Teens get bored when the lessons are always the same;

Never forget it’s impossible to please everybody. We try to do our best but be aware that not everybody may like the same things and that’s what makes life even better!Ufff!! I also wish you courage, my colleague! Have a great class!

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  1. The hardest part for me is to teach teenagers! They get bore TOO easily and it's not easy for me at all to deal with them, unfortunatelly! Like, with kids I know how to play, how to talk to them... and I believe it's pretty easy for me to teach adults as well... But the teens... OMG! I'm trying to be creative, looking for new things, showing interest in them and in the things they like. Well, I'm trying.

    Thanks for the tips. I'll use them and I'll keep you informed if it's working.

    kisses and have a nice weekend!