quarta-feira, 7 de abril de 2010

In parentheses: Sorry Polly!!

Only last night I got to see the post you left me on April 17 asking me something for your class due to that week. I'm sorryyyyyy!!! I couldn't help you! Anyway, today I'll check the information you asked me about and post it here for you!! I'm sorry once again Polly! So colleagues, in order to make it possible for me to help everybody, I'd like to ask you to always post a comment in the last or in the last three or four posts even if it refers to an old one, ok? This way, there's not a chance I'll leave your comment without an answer. Thank you all!!!

2 comentários:

  1. Hey, Bianca!

    Thanks for the message! It's really sweet of you! Apologies accepted! And don't worry. I found another activity for that week ;)
    Now I know: whenever I need a tip, I'll leave a comment on the last post.

    By the way, I should thank you again for your tips! They're great! I come here everyday to take a look! =)



  2. Hi Polly! The episode is "Aquele do beijo acidental da Rachel" (5th Season). Veeeeery funny! A wonderful idea for you to use with your students next time.