sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

My mural this month and...a lovely site with everything we need!!

Yesterday I wrote about the next holiday I’m gonna work with my students (Earth Day), so today I’m posting the picture of my mural this month and also some veeeeery nice activities I got from www.abcteach.com/directory/seasonalholidays/earth_day/. I was amazed by the activities they have on this site. Check it out: a cute award, some lovely bookmarks, coloring pages for children, a maze (put the apple core in the trash can), a simple reading comprehension activity (I’m definitely going to use this one!), a word search, a writing paper and even an “Earth Day Rap” with a nice exercise about it! Notice that they’re all printables, so it’s not necessary to download anything!I guess we can already start planning our class!! See you tomorrow, my dear colleague!

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