quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010

Teaching "Parts of the Body"

Look what I found in one of those stores that sells products for birthday parties!! This cute blond boy (R$ 8,00) that is gonna help me teach my students the parts of the body. So to implement the material I typed the corresponding words such as neck, nose, eyes, mouth, etc and I intend to use them in class,too. Another good idea to present this content, IF YOU WORK WITH CHILDREN, is to use that huge paper that in Portuguese we call “pardo” (it's really cheap, too!) and divide your class in groups of three. Students should be sitting on the floor and then the teacher may give each group one of those papers. One of the students is supposed to lay down on the paper and the others have to draw his/her contorn but make sure students develop a safe activity. After that, ask them to label the parts of the body they've just drawn and they can even decorate it if they want to!!. Well,visual learning is one of the favorite learning styles among ESL students and we have to agree...it’s simply awesome!

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